5 Packing Tips for Road Trips

If you have an upcoming trip and you’re traveling by road instead of by air you may be thinking “GREAT! Trunk space and fewer regulations for packing!” However, packing for a road trip is a different animal, which makes it easy to forget something – or worse, overpack and continually “lose stuff” within your own car!

Here are some tips for road trip packing:

Pack a Cooler: If your whole family is in the car, fast food will add up quickly, as will snacks at each rest stop. Pack a cooler and bag full of snacks that are easy to eat, and consider making sandwiches. Fruits, waters, juices, peanuts, energy bars and cheeses and crackers are great.

Comfy Shoes and Clothes: Sitting in the car for long periods of time isn’t that fun when you’re wearing stiff and uncomfortable clothing! If you’re a female, opt in for yoga pants and a soft tee. For males, try shorts and a tee or athletic pants and a tee. 

Pack in Bags, Not Suitcases: This is especially important if you’re traveling with multiple passengers – suitcases are hard in structure and will not bend if there’s simply not enough room. Tote bags or duffle bags can be better positioned and squished up against one another. Don’t forget to have a small bag of your necessities in the car with you so that you don’t constantly need to pull over and search through the trunk.

Bring Your Car Chargers: Many people use their phones for GPS, which is really convenient but it also drains the battery quickly. Car chargers are one of the most frequently forgotten things when people are renting a car because they accidentally leave it in their personal vehicle.

Pillow or Blanket for the Backseat: When there are multiple people in the car you should all take turns driving, especially on long trips. This permits everyone to rest briefly and comfortably!

So, where will you go? With an affordable car and a tank of gasoline, your options are boundless! Reserve your transportation now for this year’s getaway with friends or family – when you rent a car, you limit the wear and tear on your own vehicle!