About Us | Car Rental 8

In less than a decade, Car Rental 8 has become a price leader and popular destination for online travel services.  We are a USA based corporation that offers car rental reservations in 125 countries and 17,000 locations around the world – our online booking website receives over 100,000 visitors each month!

Through rental supply agreements with major car rental companies, and our team’s ability to negotiate discount prices, we deliver an online reservations experience that is cost-effective and most importantly, convenient – no matter where you want to go in the world!  

From our humble beginning on 08-08-08 in Tampa, Florida, to today’s global corporation, Car Rental 8 continues to proudly serve travelers across America and around the world!

The Story Behind “8”

Many people want to know the story behind the “8” in Car Rental 8, or the reason for opening our doors on 08-08-08.

The number 8 is widely regarded as a lucky number around the globe. If you look at the number “8” you’ll realize its symbol never breaks, therefore representing infinity. 

Much like lucky number 8, we wish to represent infinity: forever growing and forever improving, so that we can continue to serve new clients across the United States and around the world.


As an international car rental broker, Car Rental 8 provides rentals in the United States (USA), United Kingdom (UK), Europe, Latin America, Australia and other worldwide locations. For a full list of our 17,000+ locations in 125 countries, visit our booking website and enter the city, state, or country of your choice.

Management Team

Car Rental 8’s explosive growth over the past several years has occurred through leadership and collaboration. Our team is comprised of former car rental executives, management and agents.  This team of experts are among some of the very best in the industry. We combine the strengths of many to produce high performing teams that ultimately better serve our customers and grow our business.