In this day and age there are numerous people that want to apply less dangerous merchandise in their homes. They need to be more pleasant to the environment. a part of their effort to do this is to use green, Read more

Flights | Car Rental 8 through its volume of business in the car rental industry has been able to negotiate special rates with Flights too.  Now you can book the same car for less and make a reservation for a flight all at!  Read more

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Customers of Car Rental 8 serve as a great complement to our hard working team each and every day. They share their stories, travels, and experiences with us which lets us know where we’re doing a good job, and what Read more

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The Car Rental 8 GR8 Club is an exclusive FREE priority booking service to expedite all of your car rental needs. A Priority 800 number for faster service Priority email address Special rate email offers   View GR8 Club  Terms Read more

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We believe being a good corporate citizen is the right thing to do, for our customers, our employees, and our businesses. It makes our company a desirable place to work, reinforces our brand, and strengthens our bonds with customers, neighbors Read more

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Membership in the Car Rental 8 GR8 Club (the “Club”) is conditioned on acceptance by you (“Member”) of the terms and conditions contained herein (the “Agreement”). By enrolling in the Club or using or continuing to use the benefits of Read more