Can I Rent a Car Seat From My Rental Car Company?

Traveling with kids means making a whole slew of decisions about your trip. There are all kinds of little things you have to plan for and arrange. Traveling in any capacity definitely requires a little extra preparation! Having a rental car can make travel with kids much easier, but you also have the added consideration of getting child car seats.

Most car rental providers will have child car seats that you can rent along with your car rental. But they can be pricey! You might end up paying up to $25-30 extra per day for a car seat. That might be fine for a day or two but if you’re planning a long trip, it can get pretty costly.

You might want to consider bringing your own car seat. It can be much less expensive than renting one if you’re on a long trip. You can easily travel with a car seat as checked baggage if you’re flying to your destination and then you can use it for the duration of your trip. Your airline might charge a small fee for the extra baggage, but it will probably be a lot less than renting a car seat!

If you do need to rent a seat, call ahead to your car rental provider to make sure they will have one available for you and that it is the right size and style for your child. You don’t want to show up only to find that they are out of stock!

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