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When you go to Maui, you don’t exactly think food. Of course you’re there for the beaches, the lush greenery, the rainbows, and the culture. But if you don’t put some thought into where to get your grub, you could be missing out on some top-notch cuisine. After all, you gotta eat, right? Here are some of Yahoo Travel’s favorite spots for meals and snacks on the Hawaiian island.   BREAKFAST T. Komoda Store &…Read More

Whether you’re planning a big family vacation or a few short day trip getaways, spring break is just around the corner. An abundance of snow days this winter may shorten your school’s spring break, so be sure to check your school’s website for changes before you finalize your plans. From the mountains to the valleys to the oceans across the U.S. and beyond, find the deal that suits your family or plan your own vacation. Here are a few East Coast…Read More

Thousands join in the revelry for the anniversary of George Washington’s birth in his hometown of Alexandria. The city celebrates the General’s birthday throughout the month of February with dozens of festivities.  The annual George Washington Birthday Parade is the largest and the oldest in the country. The parade celebrates our Founding Father, as it winds its way along a historic one-mile route along the streets of Old Town. Other…Read More

Presidents’ Day is usually marked by huge retail sales, public ceremonies and celebrations across the country.  But Washington DC and Alexandria VA, the birthplace of Washington still throw the biggest and most unique celebrations of them all!  In fact in and around Washington DC this annual celebration is commemorated with numerous ways to remember the past and how our country was forged through ideals of freedom and…Read More