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Football season is back, do you know what that means? Tailgaters are in full attack! You have the grill packed, steaks marinated, lawn chairs ready, and the friends in full game mode. There’s only one thing: how are you going to get there? Surely you can’t roll up to the stadium with five big guys in a Corolla – that would just be silly. You need a fully equipped SUV for your tailgating needs. With the two biggest in the…Read More

Tampa, Florida (August 28, 2013) – USA-based online car rental service provider, Car Rental 8, is celebrating its 5th year in business this month. Since the Company’s inception on 8-8-08, Car Rental 8 has become a price leader and popular destination for online travel services, offering car rental reservations in 125 countries and 17,000 locations around the world. “This is a very exciting time for us,” explains Yves…Read More

Planning a trip to Arizona? Get excited, because it’s much more than a warm desert atmosphere. Arizona is the home to bustling cities, mountains, some of the country’s most desired destinations, and dozens of national parks. First things first: get a rental car. Arizona has a lot to see, but its attractions aren’t necessarily close to one another. Tour buses and private tours can take you to the Grand Canyon, Monument…Read More

Summer is winding down and we’re all looking for that last fun “to do” with the family! If you’re on a budget, you’re not alone.  Many of us spend our summers swimming in the pool or hanging out at the beach. Why? Because it’s fun, but most importantly because it’s affordable! But by the time August rolls around your family is probably feeling restless and yearning for something new to do! With…Read More