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Traveling with kids means making a whole slew of decisions about your trip. There are all kinds of little things you have to plan for and arrange. Traveling in any capacity definitely requires a little extra preparation! Having a rental car can make travel with kids much easier, but you also have the added consideration of getting child car seats. Most car rental providers will have child car seats that you can rent along with your car rental….Read More

Travel can be great but also stressful if things go awry with your travel plans. It can be hard to stay on schedule while you’re on the go and people’s plans can get screwed up in any number of ways! We understand that sometimes these unexpected changes in plan can be hard to manage. If you have a rental car and something happens that is preventing you from getting it back at the time it’s due, what do you do? The very first…Read More

How hard could it be to select the right rental car? Simply pick the one with the lowest daily rate and make your reservation, right? This is a big mistake that many first time car renters make! Vehicle type actually tends to be more important than vehicle price. Here are a few reasons why… Size: If you’re traveling with children or additional passengers, it probably does not make sense to select the cheapest vehicle. An economy…Read More

Renting a car? The daily rate is only part of the expense. If you have a long trip ahead of you, gas can add up quickly!   On behalf of Car Rental 8, here are some basic tips for saving money on fuel…           • Avoid prepaid gasoline plans or having the rental company fill up for you. It’s always           best to…Read More