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A convertible? This time of year? Brrr! But not if you’re visiting one of our warm and sunny states like Florida! This is actually the perfect time of year for riding around town in a convertible. Not too hot, not too cold; the winter months are just perfect here! If you’re a snowbird or headed here on vacation you may be interested in renting a convertible. Did you know that you can find convertible rentals at any of the United…Read More

Our company has been featured in Yahoo Finance and Reuters among many other nationwide press outlets this month. So, what’s the big news?! Drumroll, please … We’ve introduced the Car Rental 8 GR8 Club! This new club was designed to offer registered members exclusive low rates, priority service, and additional car rental options. “The new GR8 Club at its core is simply another platform for our customers to save. But…Read More

Is it your first time flying into Tampa, Florida? If so, here’s all you need to know about getting to and from the airport! There are variety of ground transportation options between Tampa International Airport and surrounding destinations. Visitors can choose from various companies under public transportation, bus service, rental cars, shared ride and taxis. When you arrive at Tampa International Airport, you’ll take a short…Read More

For anyone living outside of the Sunshine State, winter often means frigid air, ice, and SNOW! While snow adds the perfect cosmetic touch to any cold winter day, it also comes with an underlying list of hazards – especially for drivers! On behalf of Car Rental 8, here are some important winter driving tips to remember: Wait until plows or sand trucks have done their jobs before venturing out onto the roads. Always allow…Read More