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So, you’ve decided that Car Rental 8 is your ultimate online destination for reserving reliable and affordable rental cars. Don’t you find yourself wishing every now and then that there was more than just a car rental reservation service here? Surprise! There is. Through our company’s volume of business in the car rental industry we’ve been able to negotiate special rates with hotels too.  You may have never…Read More

Do you need to rent a car for a long period of time – say two, three weeks? If so, you may be concerned about what your grand total will be by the end of your trip. Here’s good news! With most U.S. car rental companies, the longer you rent the more you save. Here’s why: Guaranteed Income: When you book for several days or weeks, that’s guaranteed business for the car rental company – So, they reward you, the…Read More

Hurry! You’ve still got a few more months of winter ahead of you to hit the slopes. But, chances are you don’t live right next door to Loon Mountain or Sunday River, and driving in the winter months can be dangerous. If you have a car that is too small to transport a pair of skis, or doesn’t have four wheel drive, Car Rental 8 recommends renting an SUV with 4wd for your trip. Whether it’s a day trip or a weekend…Read More