Cheap Summer Getaways to Florida

Visiting Florida

What’s the best part about summers in Florida? For starters, hotel prices in the state’s hottest cities (Orlando, Tampa, Miami, West Palm Beach, Naples and Fort Myers) drop to all-time lows, making family vacations, group trips, and even romantic getaways much more attainable. 

In addition to cheaper hotel prices, the cost of traveling drops as well. People tend to have more free time in the summer, which makes driving a more doable (and affordable) plan – time for a road trip! Renting a car will allow you to drive to Florida, and put the miles on somebody else’s car versus your own.

Or, if you decide to fly in to any of the state’s major airports (such as Orlando, Tampa, or Miami) you can pick up a rental right there – saving you from expensive cab fares and allowing you 100% flexibility and freedom for the duration of your stay in the Sunshine State. You can see whatever you’d like to see, even multiple cities, when you have your own means of transportation.


Even if you live in Florida, summer is a great time to tour the state or head to the opposite coast. Renting a car will save your own car from wear and tear and can be as low as $10/day!  If your family has a big gas guzzler, you’ll also be able to trade it in for an economy vehicle for the week or weekend.

Picking The Right Florida Rental

Speaking of economy vehicles, at Car Rental 8 your rental options are literally endless! Because we have countless rental supply agreements and valued partnerships with all major car rental companies, we have direct access to all types of vehicles including economy cars, luxury autos, and SUVs. It’s a summer getaway isn’t it? Why not treat yourself to a convertible?

To start planning your Florida vacation, visit Car Rental 8’s booking website today. Be sure and book early though – words out that Florida’s the place to be!