Easiest Ways For Getting Around Tampa, Florida

Visiting Tampa, Florida?

Whether it’s for work or for play, you’re probably wondering how to get around all week! Here’s the good news: Tampa is a relatively “low key” city in comparison to Florida’s other major cities such as Fort Lauderdale or Miami. Our traffic isn’t nearly as bad and the sidewalks are only flooded with pedestrians on a few popular occasions each year.

Here’s the bad news: we’re a lot larger city, and things are a lot more spread out. In fact, Tampa is more than 170 square miles! To give you some perspective, Miami is only 36 square miles!

So, how do you get around a city where your lunch meeting or desired site seeing location could be up to 20 miles away?  Certainly not a cab; those miles will add up quickly over the course of a few days and a few destinations!

Unlike many major cities within the U.S., Tampa, Florida does not have a subway system. HART (Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority)’s provides convenient bus services, In-Town Trolleys, money-saving vanpools, park-and-ride services and more.

Although great options, they aren’t necessarily the best for the businessman with a firm agenda or a tourist trying to stay dry in the middle of rainy season.

In our own opinion, the most convenient way for getting around this city when visiting for more than a few days is renting a car. And, we’re not just saying that because we’re a car rental company! Car Rental 8 is a Tampa-based company. We know this city, and its means of transportation, inside and out!

Rentals permit you to design your own agenda, depart at your own times, and save money when compared to cabbing it around the city for multiple days. Free parking is plentiful and in pay-to-park areas such as downtown Tampa, parking pay stations accept both cash and credit cards. They also expire at 8PM on weekdays so that you can utilize free parking in the evenings. 

Interested in finding out just how much a rental would cost for the week? Visit our booking website at CarRental8.com and enter “Tampa” as your pickup location. Once you select your dates, you’ll be able to see what’s available and at what price.

Please contact us if you have any questions about visiting this great city!