Getting Around Sioux Falls

Headed to Sioux Falls? Sioux Falls is located in Southeast South Dakota. It’s one of the biggest urban centers between Minneapolis and Denver and is a hotspot for shopping and tourism in the Great Plains. This town has a small bus system that you can ride for $1 per ticket. They run every half hour during the day but most routes stop running by 7pm and weekend service is very limited.

You can also take taxis to get around Sioux Falls. There are a handful of taxi services that can transport you around town and to and from the airport. However, taxis can get expensive if you have far to travel or need to take daily trips.

The best way by far to get around Sioux Falls is by car. Roads are well-maintained and traffic is very light compared to most U.S. cities. Sioux Falls is located at the intersection of I-29 and I-90. It’s easy to get into the city from the airport, too, and depending on where you’re staying you can easily drive to the major attractions, shopping areas and bars and restaurants in the area. Most are located near either 12th street or 41st Street.

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