Have You Seen Car Rental 8’s Recent Press?

Our company has been featured in Yahoo Finance and Reuters among many other nationwide press outlets this month. So, what’s the big news?!

Drumroll, please … We’ve introduced the Car Rental 8 GR8 Club! This new club was designed to offer registered members exclusive low rates, priority service, and additional car rental options.

The new GR8 Club at its core is simply another platform for our customers to save. But to the team at Car Rental 8, it represents our ongoing commitment to great customer service. Because of new supplier contracts secured earlier in the year, we have even further savings and offers that can be passed along to the end user. We’re excited to see our customers’ reactions when they receive a reservation for as low as $8.00/day.” – Yves Boyer, Owner and President, Car Rental 8.

Yup, you read that right – $8.00 a day. We’re very excited about the GR8 Club and hope you’ll take a moment to join.  Joining the GR8 “Priority” Club is free and offers members a priority 800 number for faster service, a priority email address and special rate email offers.

An upgraded “Gold” membership is $88.00 annually and members receive additional benefits including $88.00 off one reservation totaling more than $188.00, email offers for $8.00/day reservations, and priority booking. Gold members can also receive one or more of the following additional options based on availability and at no charge: a free additional driver, free added insurance options, a GPS navigation system, an additional 5% off, and free rental class upgrades.

To sign up for the GR8 Club or to simply learn more, visit www.cr8corp.com/about/gr8-club/.