How Can I Get The Lowest Rates on Rental Cars?

Summer is winding down and we’re all looking for that last fun “to do” with the family! If you’re on a budget, you’re not alone.  Many of us spend our summers swimming in the pool or hanging out at the beach. Why? Because it’s fun, but most importantly because it’s affordable!

But by the time August rolls around your family is probably feeling restless and yearning for something new to do! With several weeks until the kids go back to school, an inexpensive staycation (a vacation within driving distance) sounds like the perfect getaway!

Leave your gas-guzzling SUV in the garage – you don’t want to put road trip wear and tear on your own vehicle anyway, do you? Here are 5 quick and easy tips for securing the cheapest rentals this summer!

  1. Downsize
    If you can comfortably fit in an economy or compact vehicle, rent one. Traditionally, they are much cheaper than the mid-size and full-size cars. Many of them are better on gas too! If the car’s only purpose is to efficiently get you from A to B, why spend extra on “luxury” vehicles?
  2. Pre-pay
    Low rates with major suppliers are often based on confirmed car pickups. By prepaying, you are getting the best rate for early confirmation, but you’re also guaranteed that your car will not be given to someone else who only reserved and did not pay – paying customers take priority!
  3. Avoid the Airport
    Are you taking a plane? Do you just happen to live near an airport? Avoid the airport; extreme convenience comes with a hefty price tag. Car rental companies know that their customers would much rather walk out of the terminal and receive their vehicle right then and there. But, walking or taking city transportation one or two blocks away from the airport will save you money!
  4. Partner with Someone Who Has Purchasing Power
    Look beyond the one or two most popular car rental brands and partner up with an online booking system that has access to multiple companies! They’ll save you time and money by shopping all of the major brands on your behalf. At Car Rental 8, we negotiate contracts with major car rental suppliers and pass the savings on to you. Our low rates are based on confirmed car pickups with our brand name partners!
  5. Double-check Your Car Insurance
    Many of us fall victim to last minute add-ons at the counter, such as the “much needed” vehicle insurance. While protecting yourself and your vehicle in the slim chance of an accident is important, your auto insurance policy at home likely covers rentals. Call your agent to verify before renting a car.

So, where will you go? With an affordable car and a tank of gasoline, your options are boundless!  Reserve your transportation now for this summer’s last minute getaway!