How to Rent a Car in a Foreign Country

Heading abroad soon and need to get a set of wheels for your trip? Having a car in a foreign country can be a wonderful way to explore the new terrain! But there are some extra factors to consider when you’re renting a car in a foreign country. Here are a few tips to help you rent a car while you’re abroad.

Book Early
Book your car well in advance. If you wait until you get there, you might run into problems with paperwork, not be able to find an available car or have to pay much higher prices for your rental.

Make Arrangements Beforehand
The more you can take care of online or over the phone, the more secure you will feel in your car rental. Try to pay in advance if possible so you make sure to lock in the price you want.

Find Out Pick-Up and Drop-Off Times
Be sure to ask what time you should pick up and drop off the car. Sometimes rental companies can charge extra for late pick up or delivery so you want to be sure to arrive in plenty of time.

Find out the Minimum Age
Different countries have different age restrictions for rental cars so be sure that you’re old enough to rent in whatever country it is you’re traveling to.

Ask About the Transmission
Many countries rent manual cars as the norm and if you don’t know how to drive stick shift, you may be in for a surprise when you show up! Be sure to request an automatic transmission if you need to.

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