Renting a Car: Choosing the Right Vehicle

How hard could it be to select the right rental car? Simply pick the one with the lowest daily rate and make your reservation, right? This is a big mistake that many first time car renters make! Vehicle type actually tends to be more important than vehicle price. Here are a few reasons why…

Size: If you’re traveling with children or additional passengers, it probably does not make sense to select the cheapest vehicle. An economy vehicle may have a great daily rate, but will cost you quite a few headaches when attempting to travel with children, car seats, and luggage. To most, comfort is worth the few extra dollars. Pick a vehicle that’s similar to the one you own at home and if you’re concerned about gas look for 4-cylinder SUVs or crossovers.

Manual vs. Automatic Transmission: Most rental cars are automatic, but be sure to read the fine print before making your reservation so that you get the car best suited for you. It would be especially difficult to drive off the lot with a stick shift if you don’t know how to operate one! 

Events and Activities: Think about what activities you’ll be engaging in throughout the week or weekend. If you have upscale events to attend or need to chauffer clients around town, you may want a luxury vehicle. If you’re going to be taking the family to the beach or tailgating, you may want an SUV.

Other things to think about when selecting the perfect vehicle include accessories or add-ons such as GPS, ski racks, and trailer hitches – will you need any of these things?

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