Running Late on Your Rental Car Return? Here’s What To Do!

Travel can be great but also stressful if things go awry with your travel plans. It can be hard to stay on schedule while you’re on the go and people’s plans can get screwed up in any number of ways! We understand that sometimes these unexpected changes in plan can be hard to manage. If you have a rental car and something happens that is preventing you from getting it back at the time it’s due, what do you do?

The very first thing to do is to make sure your car rental company knows that you’re running late. Whether you’re a few hours behind or you’re not going to return it until the next day, alerting them as quickly as possible can help you save money. Every car rental company has different policies on returning your car late.

Some rental car companies charge steep fees for bringing your car back late. They could have another rental booked right after yours so your delay might have a domino effect on their plans. Others like to extend a few hours as a courtesy but will charge if the return is delayed more than that certain amount of time.

When you pick up your next rental, ask the agent about their fees for late returns. Here’s a secret tip: If you know that you are going to need a rental car for a few additional days, it’s often cheaper to return your current car and make a new reservation rather than incur the late fee.

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