Tailgating Season is Back!

Football season is back, do you know what that means? Tailgaters are in full attack! You have the grill packed, steaks marinated, lawn chairs ready, and the friends in full game mode. There’s only one thing: how are you going to get there?

Surely you can’t roll up to the stadium with five big guys in a Corolla – that would just be silly. You need a fully equipped SUV for your tailgating needs. With the two biggest in the front and the remaining three in the back, an SUV will still have enough space in the trunk to pack all your tailgating necessities.

What Will It Cost To Rent an SUV?

On average, the cost of an SUV varies from $40-$70 a day – the bigger the SUV, the more the cost, but don’t worry. Luckily for you, you have four other guys to split the cost of the SUV. This way, none of you are digging deep into your pockets and you’ll still have extra cash for any foam fingers or souvenirs you desire.

What SUV Best Fits?

For tailgaters, you want to make the sure that you aren’t all squished on the way there and that there’s enough room for all equipment, i.e. chairs, tents/canopies, coolers, grill etc. You don’t want to be the guys who aren’t prepared or who show up late, so a “full SUV” is recommended to cover spatial necessities.

Best of all, if the stadium is far from home you won’t be putting miles on your own car. Ready for Sunday’s big game? Book your SUV now!