The Difference Between a Car Rental Provider and Broker

Using public transportation or walking can be a great way to sightsee when you’re on vacation, but in certain locations that just won’t cut it. Depending on where you’re going, you might need to rent a car in order to explore. So what is the best way to do so?

Car rental agencies are a quick and easy way to line up a car for a day or an extended period of time. However, rentals can sometimes get pricey, especially if you need them for a prolonged period of time. Renting from a rental car provider means that your choices are restricted to certain makes and models and that you will pay whatever the going rate at that specific company is for the duration of your rental.

One great way to save money on rentals is by going through a rental car broker. Car rental brokers offer you access to a wide variety of rental car companies at discounted rates. This means that instead of choosing from the available options and set prices at one car company, you can choose between multiple options in order to ensure that you get the very best price.

In addition to having discounted rates, you also get to choose from a wider selection of vehicles. Although brokers don’t always have access to all of the cars at each company, they do offer a selection from each.

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