The Penny Pincher’s Guide to Holiday Travel

Everybody knows that airfare prices increase around the holidays. The demand for flights can be found all over the world. Whether you need to fly across the country to spend this holiday season with your in-laws, or you’re a college student looking to make it home for winter break, you’re probably not in the mood to spend $500+ on roundtrip airfare in addition to having to gift shop for everyone.

Car Rental 8 would like to remind you that it literally pays to check out the option of driving vs. flying this holiday season. Through countless rental supply agreements and valued partnerships with major car rental companies around the world, Car Rental 8 is able to deliver an online holiday reservations experience that is cost-effective and most importantly, convenient.

The opportunity to save money is an obvious benefit of driving, but have you ever thought about the added benefits of securing a rental car vs. flying? 

  1. No need for cabs or airport pick-ups when you have your own means of transportation.
  1. You won’t need to put the cold, harsh, winter miles on your own vehicle if you drive a rental.
  1. Travel with gifts! Anyone with a big family knows how costly it can be to ship gifts each season. And unfortunately, trying to fly with them as checked baggage can be even more costly. Load up your trunk at no additional charge! 
  1. Speaking of trunk space, your rental car has no baggage limits! Go ahead and pack every pair of winter boots you own!
  1. Traveling with others? Driving results in even MORE savings! The biggest cost factor when considering driving vs. flying is how many friends or family members are traveling with you. Costs multiply per person on a flight, while driving allows you to rent for one individual price, and then pool the gas money for further savings.

Ready to drive this winter? We are! Meet us at  Simply enter your pickup location and preferred dates, and we’ll take it from there!