Tips for Getting Around San Francisco

You may have heard that San Francisco is a great city for walkers – and it’s true. With a city that’s less than 50 square miles, and full of many condensed tourist attractions, those that love to walk certainly do.

But, let’s face it; you can’t walk everywhere – especially if you’re in town for business or traveling with children. Cabs and tour buses will save you from the hassle of parking, but can be also be very expensive. An average cab fare from Union Square to Chinatown is about $8.00-9.00, and those two parts of San Francisco are less than one mile from one another!  Going from an area like South Beach Park to Golden Gate Park (about a 7 mile trip) is more than $30.00 one way!

What if you could get a rental car for less, and make your own agenda each day without the consideration of cab fares?

Car Rental 8 offers the best possible car rental rates in San Francisco, thanks to valued partnerships with major car rental companies. 

But before renting your vehicle, we want to make sure it’s your best possible option for getting around San Francisco, so check your itinerary. If you’re in town for a conference and will be in the same spot all week long, a rental may not make sense. But, if you’d like to see the city and take advantage of all that it has to offer, rent a car! 

Car Rental 8 recommends checking with your hotel about daily parking rates, if there are any. Some hotels will offer free parking to their guests, for at least the first vehicle.  

To take advantage of low San Francisco rates at any time of the year, visit our booking website at Car Rental 8!