Winter Driving Safety Tips

Winter weather can make driving conditions hazardous in some parts of the country. It can make driving pretty scary and dangerous, either because of limited visibility or roads that are slippery with ice and snow. Drivers should know the safety rules and be aware of cautious driving tips while navigating this kind of weather. Here are some tips that will help you stay safe while driving in winter.

Get your car serviced
Don’t head into winter months with a car that might conk out on you in the freezing cold! Before the roads freeze over, make sure your car has had a full check up. Get your oil changed, have your tires filled with air and make sure your battery and charging system are in good shape.

Keep your gas tank full
In the winter, if you get stuck or stranded, your engine will be your only source of heat. If your car accidentally skids into a snow drift or you get into an accident, you could be stuck waiting for some time. Make sure that you keep your gas tank close to full so that you can run the engine for a little while if something like this happens.

Slow down
Every car handles the snow differently. Whether you’re driving your own car or a rental car, it’s a good idea to take it slowly in less than optimal conditions. Driving too fast is dangerous for you and also poses a threat to other drivers on the road so make sure to allow extra time to get wherever you’re going.

Keep basic supplies in the car
If you’re heading out while the roads are bad, make sure you have a few basic supplies with you in the car. It’s good to keep your winter gear with you, such as gloves, hats and scarves, as well as a wool blanket, a flashlight, a few granola bars and a few bottles of water. Also, make sure to have your cell phone on you at all times and a car charger in case the battery dies.

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